Powder painting is the most up-to-date method of painting which is widely used all over the world. Due to exclusive durability and its harmlessness for environment powder painting has proved itself as the most economically profitable type of metal processing.

 Advantages of powder painting

  • High resistance to different chemicals, gasoline and UV irradiation.
  • Perfect resistance to abrasion and impact damage tolerance.
  • Resistance to temperature drop.
  • Possibility of application of thick layers of coating without formation of streaks and spreading.
  • Reliable protection of concealed corners and edges.
  • Exclusively good coverage rate at the application of only one layer, without preliminary priming.
  • High-quality decorative coating which is applied in one layer only.
  • Perfect thermal insulation coating – surface of metal looks like "plastic".
  • Variety of color scheme and decorative effects.
  • Powder painting technology does not use toxic and highly flammable liquids and solutions.
  • Powder painting allows for creation of durable ecologically clear coating.

After powder painting the products have attractive appearance and long-term high-quality surface.